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Tuesday, 28 August 2012


Hi all,
its me kavitha here.Today i am sharing a easy tutorial to make your own paper bag/treat bag.After i posted my first treat bag set,i got lot of request for the tutorials,so finally i am able to post it today:)))This is my own version of bag making,i don't know whether it is a proper method but i am happy with the result,hence sharing it with you all:).You can see my treat bag set HERE.This is a mini version of the same bag,actually you can make any size you want with this tutorials.

1.My bag size is 5 by 7 inches.So this is how i calculate the total measurement on all all side:

Width of the bag=Width of the bag+width of the side wall+1"for flap
Here my measurement is 5"+3"for the side wall+1" for the flap=9"

Length of the bag=Length+breadth of the bottom part
Here my measurement is 7"+21/2" for the bottom breadth=91/2"

Hop you understood,its a very easy one,i gave it in this way as you can make any size bag as you wish.So i took a card stock measuring 9" by 91/2|"

2.On the 9 inches side of the card stock,score at 3" and 8"

3.On the 91/2 inches side of the card stock score at 7"

4.Make a slit in the 3 inches side and cut the bottom part on the 1 inch flap.
This is how it looks:

5.You have to make 2 similar pieces likes this. Then stick the one inch flap of a card stock to the 3 inches side of the other card stock.

6.Then stick the pattern papers on all sides(finish all the sticking part) and add a handle to both the sides.After finishing this stage you can stick the other one inch flap to the other 3inch wall side,so you will get the bag shape.Once its dreid you can add the embellishments n finish it off.

Want to see the finished bag?you have to wait till evening.I will be posting it here n my BLOG as keep watching:)
Hope you like the tutorial,if you have any doubt please feel free to leave a comment.

P.S:We are happy to share our tutorials here,if you try out anything with our tutorials posted here in this blog,please link it back to our blog so we will be happy and other will also be benefited(As this is our motto).

If you have any tutorials to share with us here in this blog,we are more than happy to post it.Please mail me the blog link of your tutorial to

Happy crafting,

Kalalyaa art studio


Anusha Vamsee said...

Cool tute kavi.. Thank u :-)

Pooja said...

Thanks for the tutorial kavita !

Dr Sonia S V said...

This is superb Kavitha somehow I have never been able to make a good bag!Shall try your tutorial. Thank You for sharing

Jaya Raghuvanshi said...

I love this cute treat bag!!! Thank you for the tute!! :)

Manya said...

Romba Nalla eruku da!!!... Keep doing wishes r there 4 u always

Manya said...

Romba Nalla eruku!!!