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Saturday 5 May 2012

Super easy layered handmade flower tutorial

Hi, this is Juhi and I am going to show how to make these layered flowers. I get a lot of queries from non-regular crafters on how to make and embellish cards for their loved I decided to post a tutorial on how make handmade flowers using material which is easily available at home. These flowers can be made in less than 5 minutes and require no fancy craft tools or supplies!
Things required:
1. Thick handmade paper/cardstock ( I used a wedding invitation envelope).
2. Scissors
3. Glue
4. Stapler (optional)
5. Something for the flower center - buttons/half cut pearls/beads.....
6. Paint brush or a pen - this will be used to roll the flower petals
Roughly cut out 3 circles of different sizes (my biggest circle has a 2 inch diameter).....these circles don't have to be perfect (mine are freehand).....I have used the printed side of the wedding invite to add some color.
Give 6-7 equally spaced radial cuts on the circles. be careful not to cut till the center but slightly less than that. These will be the flower petals
Roll the petals around the end of a paint brush or pen.
Stack the rolled layers and staple in the center.
Make the flower center with a button/half cut beads or whatever you like and your flower is ready! Increase or decrease the number of layers to get bigger or smaller flowers.
I hope this was easy lemmi know if it was not!
Thanks for visiting!


Hussena said...

Lovely card and beautiful flowers ...thank you so much for sharing the tutorial...will have to give this a try!!! said...

Hey Juhi,

Thanks for the tutorial..its a great way to use old envelops...

Great Work...

Anita Kejriwal said...

Lovely flowers! Wedding cards nowadays have excellent quality papers. Glad that you reuse them.

Indira Tanwar said...

loved these flowers, Thanks for sharing the tutorial!!

Priya said...

This is so b'ful and simple to make.. love the final outcome.. and a fab way to use those invites...

Juhi said...

Thanks so much everyone!